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Written by Paige Marlatt Dorr

May 20, 2011


California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott announced that Jim Dolgonas, chief executive officer of the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), has been given the 2010 California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Excellence in Technology Leadership Award.

The award was presented to Dolgonas May 10 at the California Community Colleges Board of Governors meeting in Sacramento.

“Jim Dolgonas helped streamline a statewide communications network for our system that saved us tens of millions of dollars. The board and I are pleased to honor Jim’s important commitment to higher education with this award,” said Chancellor Scott. “At a time when resources are increasingly scarce, a partnership with an organization like CENIC is extremely valuable to help save the state money, while providing a quality service for our students, staff and faculty. Over the past decade, our district offices, campuses and off-site centers have greatly benefitted from increased Internet access and network efficiency. And, efficiency equals savings.”

CENIC is a nonprofit fiber communications and internet provider collaboratively created and now operated by the state’s K-12, California Community Colleges, California State University and University of California education segments. Also in the network are Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California. The network provides standardized Internet connectivity for all 112 community college campuses along with the other state education segments.

When CENIC was first developed in 1997 as an association for research and education, the California Community Colleges was not part of the initiative. Dolgonas became CENIC’s CEO in 2002. He knew that the community college Internet needs could easily fit under CENIC and provide a much lower operating cost with expanded access to all 112 campuses. The process of integrating the California Community Colleges into CENIC required an extensive lobbying effort by Dolgonas of existing charter members. Through his efforts, he was able to convince the charter members to allow the system to join CENIC in 2002.

The California Community Colleges has been a full charter member since then, with an equivalent number of voting board of director seats (three) as the other members.

About the award: Since 2000, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Technology Award program has honored individual leaders that have identified and solved significant problems with ingenuity and resourcefulness. The Chancellor’s Office acknowledges individuals within or external to the California Community Colleges who have made significant contributions to the system.

Excellence in Technology Leadership Award recipients are nominated and selected by members of the California Community Colleges Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee. Leadership Awards are selected on the basis of effective educational technology leadership at the institution, district, region or system level.